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Dynamic Strength Training Group Classes


The Forge!

Mace, Club, & Kettlebell training combines specialized equipment for a dynamic & versatile training session.


The warrior-inspired conditioning enhances core stability, overall strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and full body functionality. 

MaceBelles! Women’s Club of Strength.

MaceBelles! Womens Club of Strength is an energetic and empowering fitness class designed exclusively for women.


In this class, participants engage in a unique blend of kettlebell, club, and mace training, aimed at enhancing their strength, endurance, and overall fitness.


Swing & Sweat

Swing & Sweat is a fun, energetic 45-minute functional training class focusing on exercises that mimic everyday movements, emphasizing core stability, flexibility, and overall strength.


You will be encouraged and empowered while burning calories at a record pace.


Fundamentals of Dynamic Strength Training.

Learn & develop the basic principles & techniques of dynamic strength training with the Mace, Club, & Kettlebell.


You will learn proper form & execution to enhance your training.



Our approach is to provide encouragement & motivation with immediate feedback and guidance on proper exercise forms to prevent injuries, with continuous assessment of progress and adjustments to ensure optimal results.

Class Details


45-55 Minutes

Intensity Level

Suitable for all fitness levels, with modifications available.


How often the classes are held (multiple times a week).

icons8-goals-96 (2).png

Improvement in overall strength, mobility, and functional ability


  • What should I wear to training sessions?
    Be prepared to move and sweat. Many of our clients prefer to use gloves.
  • What should I eat beforehand? 
    We will address this based on your preferred training time, but a rule of thumb is to not eat 1 hour before a training session.
  • What if I need to cancel a session? 
    We need 24-hour notice and will reschedule a session in the same week to keep you on track.
  • What Does a Typical Class Look Like?
    We begin each class with a warm-up set, move on to the main training session, and end with a varied finisher set. We highly encourage questions throughout the class. This is a class to help you become your best version.
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